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There is an inseparable connection between your mind and body. Your thoughts and feelings affect your physical health and your physical health affects your psychological well-being.
That’s exactly why I created TotalSelf Counseling and Fitness. I want to help you mobilize the power of your mind AND body to create exceptional physical and emotional health.

Below are three distinct pathways to help you get there.


Do you feel stuck? Struggling with emotional, relational, behavioral, or physical problems?

Let me help you to find lasting solutions to your problems and work with you to make transformative changes that give you the confidence and emotional freedom to fully enjoy your life.


Personal Training

Do you want to improve your mood and self-esteem, increase your energy and focus, and develop a strong, fit, healthy body?

Let me show you exactly how to overcome any obstacles to regular exercise and then provide you with state-of-the-art fitness coaching, so you can achieve all your fitness goals.


My TotalSelf

Are you chronically stressed by painful, unresolved emotional conflicts? Been neglecting your physical well-being as a result?

If so, let me show you precisely how to find lasting solutions to your emotional problems AND optimize your physical health with My TotalSelf, a unique and comprehensive program for your mind and body combining psychotherapy and personal training.


To get started right away or to obtain more information, call and speak with me (Jeff Fine, Founder and Director of TotalSelf Counseling and Fitness), directly at (646) 638-9391 or email me at jefffine@mytotalself.com.

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