My counseling is as dynamic and individual as the clients who approach me to work with them.

We’ll begin with a conversation where we talk about your needs, and then we’ll make a plan accordingly. We’ll start with psychotherapy, and if you decide that it’s right for you, fitness and nutrition can also be integrated into your care plan. It all depends on you and what will help you achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit from:


Frequently feel depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

Does your past affect your ability to enjoy the present?

Struggled with dieting for years?

Just feeling stuck?


Are you unhappy in your relationship?

Do you experience frequent feelings of hurt or anger?

Are there ongoing conflicts in your relationship that just don’t seem to get resolved?


Do you struggle with issues of trust, intimacy, or social anxiety?

Do you often feel misunderstood by others?

Do you wish you had deeper, more fulfilling emotional connections?

TotalSelf Method

Are you chronically stressed by painful, unresolved emotional conflicts?

Have you been neglecting your physical well-being as a result?

Just not feeling well mentally and physically?

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