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What do you do when talk therapy isn’t enough?

Are you frustrated by the limitations of traditional psychotherapy?

Do you see that addressing both mind and body would have exponentially better results?

Are you passionate about working with your clients as a whole person but not sure how to do it?

Then it’s time to start working with their mind and body.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol are dangerous medical conditions. And often, they are conditions clients come to counseling with in addition to the emotional issues they are experiencing.

As a counselor, you want to help these clients to the best of your ability, but you are frustrated with the limitations of traditional psychotherapy and with the lack of education and training available to offer an approach that addresses the total self.

That’s where I was, too.

After studying extensively and relying solely on a more traditional approach to psychotherapy early in my career, I found that—even though those theories and techniques are indispensable—it still had insurmountable limitations.

My clients were routinely reporting they needed to modify their diets and lose significant amounts of weight to control dangerous medical conditions. Some of them were struggling with other physical limitations like chronic back, neck, and hip pain.

I’d end up referring them to a nutritionist or fitness professional, but the reality was that they had often already taken those measures and for whatever reason, they couldn’t maintain the new diet and exercise on their own.

That was when it hit me.

What if I could work with their minds and bodies simultaneously?!”

It was time to create the TotalSelf method.

The TotalSelf Method

An innovative method of therapy that combines psychotherapy, exercise, and nutrition, allowing practitioners to address multiple aspects of the client’s TotalSelf simultaneously.

In my experience, the TotalSelf method is far more effective than psychotherapy alone in helping clients create lasting mind-body health.

Why the TotalSelf Method

Rather than a cut-and-dry method that looks the same on every patient, by addressing your clients’ unique needs, you can create the kind of custom care plan they’ve been looking for. Starting with traditional psychotherapy as the foundation, and adding nutrition and exercise as needed, the TotalSelf method addresses the whole individual, offering practitioners an unprecedented opportunity to simultaneously address complex mind-body problems.

How This Works

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions with practitioners who are interested in the TotalSelf method. In these sessions, I will teach you how to work as a TotalSelf practitioner, incorporating psychotherapy, exercise and nutrition into your practice.

We begin by identifying where you are and where you’d like to go as a professional, then develop a customized plan to chart exactly the training you’ll need to develop an integrated practice using the TotalSelf method.

By learning the TotalSelf method, you’ll discover:

  • What it takes for you, as a practitioner, to work this way
  • How the method works in practice and why it’s so effective
  • How to manage the common challenges practitioners face
  • When and how to blend psychotherapy, exercise, and nutrition.

Through coaching with me, you’ll learn how to broaden and diversify the scope of your practice, increase your income, and improve patient outcomes. This will allow you to maintain a practice that’s deeply rooted in psychotherapy, but that branches out into fitness and nutrition in order to address all your clients needs.

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How The Training Is Structured

Training Step One:
Assessment and Roadmap Session

  • One 90-minute session to assess where you are/where you’d like to go
  • An overview of the TotalSelf method
  • A blueprint of what the rest of your training would involve
  • Recommendations you can begin implementing right away

Before the call, you will receive a questionnaire so I know as much about you and your goals as possible in advance to help you decide if this method is right for you and what your next steps would involve.

Training Step Two:
Four Session TotalSelf Practitioner Training

Learn how to:

  • Choose and transition between the relevant modalities
  • Develop confidence in introducing the TotalSelf method to clients
  • Assess whether the TotalSelf method is appropriate for a client
  • Manage informed consent, ethical concerns, and boundary issues
  • Select and make best use of office space and equipment, billing, and dealing with insurance
  • Identify and prepare challenges you may face as a TotalSelf practitioner and suggestions on how to prepare to meet them

At the end of the four sessions, we will discuss whether to continue with a second set of sessions for additional mastery and/or move into case supervision directly.

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By coaching with me, you’ll learn to help your clients overcome obstacles that they couldn’t before with traditional psychotherapy alone. With this additional education under your belt, you’ll be equipped to handle more of your clients’ problems more of the time.

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TotalSelf Method Webinar

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Watch this brief video to learn more about my webinar explaining the TotalSelf Method.

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For access to the free TotalSelf Method webinar, please fill out this contact form and we’ll send you the link and password.

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Contact Info

(646) 591-3641

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Get the Free TotalSelf Method Webinar

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“Jeff Fine’s approach to address emotional issues is innovative and effective as he involves and engages the mind and body in the healing process. I have witnessed the amazing results his modality brings about and the enduring maturational changes his treatment achieves.”

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What Practitioners Are Saying

“I have a huge interest in both psychology and fitness/health/nutrition, and would love to do what you are doing. I am interested in hearing about how you got there.”

“I have recently made the decision to go back to school for my Masters in Counseling and a minor in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. I was not sure anyone was offering these services as one solution, so I was very excited and inspired to find your practice.”

“Your mix of counseling, personal training, and nutrition coaching is something that interests me. I’d really love to learn more about your career, ideas and knowledge.”

“I was so impressed with your personal information and feel that you have paved the way. I’m so grateful for your work, and hope to one day help others like you have.”

“I truly believe in what you stand by with the body and mind…I have a passion for fitness and mental health…my personal goal is to combine these two great fields. … any advice for me regarding what I can do?”

“My goal is to start a practice similar to yours… your biography reads like my list of goals. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.”

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incorporating a holistic continuum of care into your practice?

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Hi, I’m Jeff, and I’m passionate about helping you find lasting solutions so you can lead a more fulfilling life. I will partner with you as a trusted resource and guide so that we can overcome your emotional and physical struggles together. More…

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Contact Info

(646) 591-3641

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Take the Quiz

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Is it time to go to therapy?

Download my free quiz to discover if now’s the right time. You’ll also receive the TotalSelf Email Newsletter. Don’t worry, you can opt out at any time.

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Schedule an Appointment

Email me:

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Privacy Policy

We value you privacy. Your information will not be shared with anyone else. You can unsubscribe from Jeff Fine’s email lists at any time.