Jeff Fine

Medical Marijuana: What You Need To Know

medical marijuana

In this episode of The Total Self Considered, Jeff Fine interviews Sang Choi, the pharmacist in charge and director of the downstate region medical marijuana dispensary in New York. Jeff and Sang discuss the long lasting impact of the predominantly illegal status of marrijuanna, the resulting stigma created around its use for medical purposes, and why even though political and cultural attitudes have been shifting many people are still uncomfortable talking about medical marijuana with their health providers.

True or false: “Taking psychiatric medication means you’re mentally ill.”

psychiatric medications TotalSelf Considred podcast ep2

In this episode of The Total Self Considered, Jeff Fine interviews Dr Scott Hirsch, a clinical associate professor in the Departments of both Neurology and Psychiatry, as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU Langone. Dr Hirsch shares his insights on our current understanding of mental illness and medications used for treatment, including medical marijuana. As a practitioner who has been exploring the mind-body connection for many years, Jeff is very interested in how Dr Hirsch integrates psychiatry and neurology in his practice. They discuss the distinction between neurologically based disorders and other conditions, how the brain and mind interact, how medications work in treating epilepsy, depression, anxiety and other issues, and the role medical marijuana can play in treating certain disorders and opioid addiction.