Jeff Fine

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Amy has greater strength and increased endurance

“I have been working with Jeff for three years now. My physical therapist recommended him to me after I completed rehab for a broken foot.

He has improved the quality of my life. I walk taller, have improved balance, greater strength, and increased endurance. I carry heavy groceries, sleep better, and continue to incorporate more exercise into my daily life. Increasing training sessions to three times a week last year resulted in the first winter I can remember without seasonal depression.

Jeff is professional, skilled, flexible in his approach, dedicated, fun, and always sensitive to my past injuries and fears of getting hurt. He has also contributed to my mental well being with his sensitivity to the lifestyle changes I’ve faced, and to changes in my family dynamics.

Jeff has made a difference in my life, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone from the seasoned athlete to the neophyte or one recovering from injury. Simply put, he is the best.”

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Jim has a stronger body and mindset

“Jeff has been instrumental in helping me strengthen both my body and just as importantly, my mindset. What was most impressive to me, is that Jeff first figured out how I learned, before he began instructing me. He then tailored my stretches and exercises to address my specific issues. Not just lower back pain—but exactly where and when the pain was occurring. My pain has decreased dramatically and I have a deeper understanding of both my body mechanics, and the mind-body connection.”

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Mary made an inspiring and exciting career transition

“I have been working with Jeff Fine for four years. My work with Jeff began with career/job related issues and has blossomed into a much deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. This has contributed to a career transition that is inspiring and exciting, has strengthened my core and relationships, and has better equipped me to deal with the many challenging people I encounter on a daily basis.

I also work with Jeff in his capacity as a personal trainer. I have a rare genetic condition causing weaker bone formation. Following the regimens Jeff created for me has led to a marked improvement in my bone density.”

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Anna benefitted from personal training before and after surgery

“I have worked with Jeff Fine for several years. He has counseled me on many personal issues, especially on my low self-esteem. When I was going to have my knee surgery, Jeff also gave me personal training exercises before and after surgery. Jeff is very patient, understanding and non-judgemental. I feel that he is an exceptional counselor and trainer.”

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Todd feels more in control of physical pain

“Jeff Fine has helped me deal with daily physical pain in a way where the pain no longer controls me. That’s mentally, but Jeff also continues to challenge me physically and I continue to get stronger each month. A little effort goes a long, long way when it comes to working with Jeff Fine!”

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20-year-old student athlete is pursuing his lifelong dream of playing college baseball

“After 2 shoulder surgeries and my lifelong dream of playing college baseball in serious jeopardy, Jeff pointed me to a program that turned the feelings of hopelessness I had about my career around. Dozens of visits with doctors, physical therapists, and countless hours of physical therapy did not remedy the issues in the shoulder of my throwing arm the way that Jeff’s implementation of a serious strength program did. The difference was that Jeff taught me how to safely perform many exercises, like pressing overhead, that I had been previously advised to avoid because they would “hurt my shoulder more.” The summer before my senior year of high school I finally had completed 3 months of training under Jeff’s watch just in time for a showcase in Florida where I would ultimately secure a spot on my college baseball team for the upcoming fall. I owe the turnaround in my pursuit of my lifelong dream to play college baseball to Jeff’, as without his program I truly would not have been able to compete to my fullest potential in the sport I love.”

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Contact Info

(646) 591-3641

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Is it time to go to therapy?

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Hi, I’m Jeff, and I’m passionate about helping you find lasting solutions so you can lead a more fulfilling life. I will partner with you as a trusted resource and guide so that we can overcome your emotional and physical struggles together. More…

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Contact Info

(646) 591-3641

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Is it time to go to therapy?

Download my free quiz to discover if now’s the right time. You’ll also receive the TotalSelf Email Newsletter. Don’t worry, you can opt out at any time.

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